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Australia Awards Scholarships

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Australia provides scholarships to students from the Indo-Pacific region, giving them the chance to study at some of the world’s most inclusive universities. These opportunities are primarily aimed at international students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Australia. The universities provide technical and further education to these students, promoting the development of better bilateral and regional agreements. The Australian government offers these scholarships as part of its commitment to fostering regional cooperation and growth. 


Australian universities are offering scholarships to enhance the skills and knowledge of individuals, allowing them to bring change and development to their home countries.

The Australian award scholarships provided by higher education institutions cover the duration of time needed for international students to complete their academic program, as well as offer preparatory training. These benefits include the following opportunities:

Australian award scholarships fully cover tuition fees for students, including a return economy class airfare to and from Australia via a direct route to the student’s home country. The scholarship also provides a contribution to living expenses for international students during their stay in Australia, determined by the selected program criteria.

An introductory academic program, which is a compulsory program to guide students about living and studying in Australia, is also provided. In addition, the scholarship includes Overseas Student Health Cover to cover basic healthcare expenses during their stay. If necessary, pre-course English language classes are also offered to facilitate better integration with society, fellow students, and faculty.

Award Conditions 

All students seeking an Australian award scholarship must sign a contract with the Commonwealth of Australia, which serves as their declaration to abide by the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

Upon completion of their program, scholars are required to spend at least two years outside of Australia. If they fail to do so, they will be responsible for repaying the full cost of the scholarship they received as an international student.

How to apply 

For the application process for Australia awards scholarship, you need to do the following steps. First, check whether the country you are living in is mentioned for the scholarships or not. Second, you need to update yourself about the opening and closing dates of the scholarships. third, you just need to know about the institutions which are offering scholarships. At last, if you have further questions you can visit us.