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Motivation Letter To Get Ph.D. Position On Scholarship

Motivation Letter To Get PhD. Position On Scholarship

An excellent motivation letter can open admission for PhD at your dream university. We will discuss how to draft your motivational letter for your PhD position. This motivational letter gives an idea to the selection committee to distinguish between excellent and outstanding students. 

Your excellence is not judged by what you write; instead. It is justified by how you write. The way you draft your motivation letter shows your passion and enthusiasm to get admission for a PhD position. 

So, let’s see how you should draft a letter. 

Scholarship Motivation letter’s Intro 

An introduction is the heart of any conversation, and you can quickly and effectively grab the attention of the concerned person with an enticing introduction to your cover letter. Hence, a brief introduction to the program you want to apply to gives a clear-cut message about your intentions in writing this motivation letter. 

After brief specifications about the program of enrollment, the first thing you need to state is a clear career objective of your future project and the reasons for selecting your desired program. 

Give details about your prior academic and professional experience. You can also add teaching and research experience, work outside of academia, and even volunteer work, as long as it is related to the skills and knowledge you earned.

All of your experiences should be related to your selected PhD program since you must explain how your academic and professional achievements qualify you for the PhD degree you applied for.

Tell them why you want a scholarship

You can turn down a man with perfect reason. If your cover letter contains 4 to 5 essential factors that motivated you to get a PhD degree, there will be more chances of getting admitted to the PhD program. The reason must be based on the background study you have acquired. A PhD aspirant can write the below or related to it motivated factors.

Aspirants desire to excel in their careers.

Candidate’s passion for research work and teaching 

Your love for discovering and learning new things

In addition, it is worth mentioning your previous publication in your degrees. You must say it and provide details or evidence about your publication in different generals. 

Closing of the motivation letter 

Education certainly has a positive impact on your life. Tell what impact education has on your life in a few lines. Elaboration on the effects of schooling o you and in society will give the broader picture of your research work. You need to tell them how you can be a student of their service.

You should also mention that the PhD programs they provide attract many qualified and competitive individuals.


A motivation letter should be more than one page long or less. A clear structure, love for your research topic, and the ability to illustrate the value and effect of your research are the keys to success.

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