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Study in New Zealand

Key points

  1. New Zealand has eight universities, all of which are ranked in the QS World University Rankings 2019, an especially noteworthy performance given the country’s population of only about 4.7 million.
  2. New Zealand’s higher education system has 18 institutes of technology and polytechnics that offer vocational courses of varying durations and levels that emphasize technical skills and hands-on training.
  3. The number of students in each class in universities is small which implies that tutor-student engagement will be high.
  4. In the 2018 QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings, the country’s higher education system was placed 16th in the world.
  5. Exceptional learning built on a reliable paradigm

Intake Period

New Zealand mostly has two intakes January and July, with few universities offering multiple intakes in September and November


  1. IELTS / PTE / TOEFL (guidance and reference to best institutions offering IELTS with 100% success rate)
  2. Fast acceptance letter.
  3. Financials (Submit All Financials for Payment Approval)
  4. Fees Payment Assistance
  5. Pre-Medical (Includes Tuberculosis test)
  6. Visa Lodgment (preparation for visa interview)
  7. Pre-Departure Session
Culture Living in New Zealand

New Zealand's culture is tolerant and hospitable to people from all cultures and countries. As a country, New Zealand places a premium on decency, tolerance, and camaraderie. They are tolerant and accepting of all religions and respect everyones' right to religious freedom, worship, and belief. Kiwis expect everyone to be treated fairly, and they take pride in their ability to feel secure in their homes and public spaces. New Zealanders – or Kiwis, as they are frequently referred to – strike a balance between work and leisure time. They enjoy exploring the outdoors, participating in or watching sports, participating in culture and art, and generally living life to the fullest.

New Zealand is a youthful country where self-reliance, initiative, and ingenuity are valued more than prestige or conformity. As a student here, you will be encouraged to be inquisitive, adaptable, and to find your own answers using critical thinking. New Zealand offers an amazing outdoor experience that is harmonious with its multicultural surroundings. With a diverse spectrum of natural vistas ranging from snow-capped mountains and erupting volcanoes to rolling green hills, golden beaches, and rich forests, New Zealand embodies all that is romantic about travel. Each student can interact with a diverse environment and cultural beauty while living here.


Name of the University




The University of Auckland


New Zealand


Taylors College Auckland


New Zealand


University of Waikato


New Zealand