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Education is life lasting process of empowering and creating the new versions of ourselves. This worthy key holds the wonders of opening the doors of wisdom for us all. As for the devoted souls there is an absolute paradise beyond these doors. To enter this world many colleges, institutes and universities offer various study abroad intakes.

Types of Study Abroad Intakes

Generally speaking, a number of good universities throughout their academic year grant spring and fall study intakes. While there are handful institutes that widen this circle slightly more by offering “summer” study abroad intake also. So if you, for some reason couldn’t grab the opportunity of one intake, there is no need to wait for the whole long year. As the decision Study Abroad Intakes provides you further chances of enrollment without sacrificing the precious time, no doubt makes you a fortunate one. Intakes may differ depending upon the programs and the universities you are applying in. so you should always go through the official websites of the preferred university to have a clear picture about the requirements and the details.

Spring Study

The season of spring vanish the sadness away from everywhere. According to Jen Selinsky, the promise of the spring arrival will let any one pass through the bitterness of winter. So if you missed the fall then get yourself admission in the spring intake, it starts in the January month.

Fall Study

Usually starts in the month of September. It begins with the arrival of the falling leaves; each leaf depicts itself as an independent, flower flowing with the wind in search of its destination.

Summer Study

There are very few study intakes in the period of summer. It’s short and mostly begins in the month of April. The words, term or semester may perplex you for a while as sometimes these words are substituted with study intake, so don’t let confuse yourself.

What study abroad intakes should you apply for?

A stepwise guide for opting your study abroad intake.

For any amongst the above narrated study intakes, it’s recommended to finalize your applications work 6 to 8 months prior to the commencement of the desired program. So, if you are interested in joining the spring term, make sure to be successful before the month of April. Likewise, if opting for the spring you must start no later than August. The process of applications in abroad is quite different from those you come across your own country. To remain on the right track, you need a few guiding principles to follow. This will let you help in overcoming the problems that a student generally faces and waste the precious time beating about the brush. Following these steps, you can carve your way to the desired intake and can accomplish all the tasks in a given time span.

Get Ready for the Requisite Exams

To enroll yourself in Fall/Spring study intakes you must make yourself organize and prepare for IELTS exam. Keep a record of the website for the test date and make yourself register a month and half prior to the date of the test.
• If applying for Fall you must do this in the months of Feb /March
• For application in Spring June/July are the months

Prepare applications for the shortlisted colleges and universities.
The title has the complete essence and reflects that now it’s the time to do some work on applications, referential letter, drafting the SOPs and write ups. You must be prepared in time to commence all these activities.
• If applying for Fall intake the suitable months are April/May
• For application in Spring August /September are the appropriate months

Decision about the Admission

If you received more than one acceptance letters, then you need to make a quick decision and stay in touch with the concerned personals from the university. Be punctual in replying and appearing for video interviews that are scheduled for you. Finally before the deadline deposit the non-refundable outlay which is required.
• For Fall likely the announcement about acceptance will be around months of June /July .
• For Spring the expected months of October /November .


Complete all the paper work, documentation essential to apply for the student visa. Make the process visa procedure steadfast by doing the required tasks timely, so that you do not come across any kind of heartbreaking situation. If any queries about how to get visa to study abroad, please click on the link below to have through understanding.
Visa to Study Abroad
You without difficulty have three months on hand for the necessary work to avail student visa.

Ready to Take Off

Book your flight tickets, keep the originals along with photocopies of all your documents most importantly stay in touch with the concerned authorities of the university for hassle free arrival .Get ready to go the place you wished for, pack your bag full of hopes, optimism and devotion for learning. You are the destined one, to go study abroad, gain the acumen and contribute in bringing a constructive change from your edge.

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