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Study in Canada - Perks and Guidelines

Study in Canada – Perks and Guidelines

Canada is home to the most diverse and versatile terrains and topography. Intriguing skyscrapers, stunning bridge lengths, breathtaking peaks, rolling plains, forested basins, arctic tundra, and brilliant blue lakes and streams make up the panorama. It also shares borders with three separate oceans: the Atlantic, Arctic, and Pacific. Nothing compares to Canada when it comes to being regarded as a “paradise on Earth.” Its enticing landscapes and opulent lifestyle are highly appealing. People come to Canada from all over the world to either settle or study. Pakistanis are no exception to this. Every year, dozen of students plan to study in Canada.

So today, we shall take this opportunity to generally discuss the procedures and guidelines one should follow when planning to study in Canada. This brief piece of writing will consist of the following:  

While many Pakistani students do not have the financial means to study in countries like Canada, others possess everything but fall into the hands of fraudulent agencies and throw away millions of rupees in the name of quick visas and securing the earliest possible air tickets. C&W Resources, on the other hand, wishes to be the driving force behind your bright future and successful career. And to accomplish this, we hold your hand and somewhat help you through the entire process of studying abroad, starting from the application process, visa process, visa interview, test (such as IELTS) preparations, etc. We aim to accomplish something beyond the simple monetary reward. We wish to assist the youth in achieving their goals and becoming an asset to the country in the future. 

As a starting point, we have created this easy-to-navigate and understand brief guide on the essential information you need to know before planning to study in Canada. So without further delay, let us get down to business and explore the admission process and its requirements to study at a Canadian university.


The admission process and prerequisites to study in Canada


Although each distinct university’s requirements may vary, we do have a few general guidelines you need to keep in your mind while applying to a Canadian university. One thing we can assure you of is that Canada has gradually grown to become one of the most popular study destinations for international students. 


Here is a simplified outline of what to expect when applying to a Canadian university:


  • First of all, check out the area you can easily afford to reside in as the tuition and accommodation rates may vary depending on the extent of infrastructural and other developments in the area. For example, Toronto may be an expensive option for many middle-class students.
  • Create a long list of universities to apply to. It is not very ideal to simply apply to one university and keep your hopes above the moon. Please note that there are thousands of international students applying, and the number of seats is limited. Besides, Canadian universities enrol students on a merit basis, so any carefree behavior might prove to be an obstacle between you and your dream.
  • As mentioned earlier, the requirements may vary from one institution to another; therefore, check out each institute’s website for specific prerequisites to study in Canada.
  • Fill out the online application form for each university. It wasn’t curiosity that killed the cat; it was carelessness. You don’t want your end fate to be like that of a careless cat, do you?
  • Diligently attach certified transcripts of your educational history. Thoroughly read through the university’s instructions on which educational documents to send.
  • Some universities may require you to provide a recommendation letter from your previous study institute, while others may ask for a letter of intent. Again, some universities require written proof of financial stability such as a Bank statement or to make an advance security deposit. 
  • Most universities make it mandatory for students to demonstrate English proficiency through a test such as IELTS. C&W IELTS Academy can help you with this.
  • Fervently pray as you await a response.

Once you have received a letter of acceptance, you may apply for a Canadian study permit visa, as explained in the section below.

Visa application to study in Canada


If you are reading through this section, it either means you have received a letter of acceptance (Congrats!) or are planning (which is brilliant). Whichever the case may be, there are two ways of applying for a visa to study in Canada from Pakistan. The worst one is physically submitting a hard copy application. This is not a good option because it takes a long time to be processed. An online application may be the ideal way to apply for it. Some mandatory document requirements include: University acceptance letter, medical certificate, police clearance letter, two recently taken passport-size photos, Bank Statement proving you have at least CA$10,000 per year to cover living costs, proof that you have paid tuition fee and arranged accommodation, letter of intent, and certificate of Language Proficiency test.

You can easily refer to the following graphic for a quick reference.

The average cost of studying in Canada


Well, it might be a good idea to have a rough estimate of the costs you will have to endure in your academic journey in Canada. Realistically speaking, the prices to study in Canada are pretty reasonable compared to the expenses of studying in countries like the Uk, USA, and Australia. For an exceptionally affordable option, you can choose to study in New Zealand or Poland. Coming back to business, on average, an undergraduate degree may cost you around $30 000, and a post-graduate program may cost about $17 000.  Here is a simplified graphic for other miscellaneous expenses.


Perks of studying in Canada


Lastly, let us have a quick look at the benefits you shall enjoy while studying in Canada:

  • Highly ranking universities.
  • A unique research-based teaching method with practical training is followed.
  • No need for a separate work permit as you study. You can work while you learn with a study permit.
  • The country is culturally diverse.
  • Extravagant lifestyle.
  • Peaceful and politically stable.
  • Scholarships and financial support are available.
  • The country flaunts reasonable costs as compared to its western countries.

Do you still need assistance?

We have tried to give you all the basic information regarding studying in Canada, the whole procedure, and its benefits. Nonetheless, if you still have questions, give us a call at +92 51 5172033.  A friendly consultant of ours will help you out.