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Study in New Zealand 2023
Study in New Zealand 2023

Study in New Zealand

Study in New Zealand

Aside from its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, including lush green subtropical forests, glistening icecaps, scorching volcanic plateaus, and pristine golden beaches with shimmering turquoise water, New Zealand is also known for being a preferred study destination for many international students.

Let us skim through the benefits you shall enjoy if you opt to study in New Zealand.

Highly Ranked Universities Globally

The first and most important reason one should study in New Zealand is; the prestigious rankings its universities boast. New Zealand is home to eight universities, all of which rank in the top 3% globally. Auckland unwaveringly holds a place within the top 100 in the QS World Rankings. Suppose you further want to break down this analysis into subjects. In that case, New Zealand will still not disappoint you because its universities are ranked in the top 50 in 22 subjects and top 100 in 39 subjects out of a total of around 46 different subjects.

These rankings are quite competitive compared to those of major expensive countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. This means that a world-class education is a guarantee if you choose to study in New Zealand.

Highly Ranked in Political Stability

Another important point that should cross your mind before applying to a university anywhere is; the state of its political stability and peacefulness. Imagine being trapped in the hostel while the university is temporarily closed down due to continued riots and strikes – what a waste of time and money.

Well, guess what! New Zealand has consistently and unfalteringly maintained its second position in the Global Peace Index since 2008 and continues to do so as we speak. Moreover, the country also has some of the lowest rates of corruption and crime. For a country with a population of under 5 million, they work pretty hard to maintain peace and prosperity.

Wouldn’t it be a great experience to freely roam around the place even late at night without worrying about a lurking burglar behind the bushes?

The UK Influenced Education System (Innovative Learning Study in New Zealand)

We all love the unique UK educational system consisting of an outstanding balance between traditional lecturing and modern research-based and independent learning. But the cost may not necessarily suit us all. 

Allow us to present you with a great alternative without compromising on the quality – study in New Zealand if you cannot afford to do so in the UK.


Because NZ uses the same pedagogy style as the UK, this means that the lecturers will not simply fill your mouths and brains with difficult-to-digest morsels of theory. But will encourage you to apply the knowledge in real-life situations related to your field of study. As part of your degree program, you will be presented with problems requiring you to think independently, critically analyze situations, and apply the theory to find suitable solutions. 

By the time you officially land your first job after graduation, you will be fully equipped with all the skills without requiring you to undergo any on-field training. 

You can learn more about studying in the UK as well.


Quality assurance by NZQA

You might argue that following a UK-based system is not enough without sound quality checks. You can rest assured because the New Zealand Quality Authority carries out various robust quality assurance checks to warrant that their universities maintain world-class quality all the time. Another positive point about the system is the low student-to-teacher ratio, ensuring a more personalized and supportive teaching environment for international students.

What else would it take to convince you to study in New Zealand?

Internationally Recognized Degrees with Great Work Opportunities

New Zealand is one of the very few lucky countries that enjoy a high degree completion and employment rate. The under-employment rate remains consistently low in the nation, and about 77% of university graduates land an excellent job in the first two years after completing their degrees.

Moreover, the fact that New Zealand follows a Brittain-based educational system allows their graduates to find well-paying jobs in other countries as well due to the UK”s excellent academic reputation. Employers are always on the lookout for a degree from the UK or a UK-based educational system.

A Friendly Visa Application Process

Do you have a dream of studying abroad, but the lengthy and painful visa application process terrifies you? 

You will be surprised to know that New Zealand’s welcoming nature is not just restricted to a warm welcome when you arrive in the country but is also extended within its diplomatic processes. The country’s visa application process is very friendly and less time-consuming, and there is no interview. Yes, you read that right – No interview

The country goes beyond all barriers to make the visa application process for international students comfortable. Additionally, you will never get a rejection without an explanation behind it. Also, you will always be granted an opportunity to present your case after a rejection. 

Will it be wrong to consider this visa process as a warm invitation to study in New Zealand?

The Cost of Studying in NZ is cheaper than USA, Australia, the UK, or Canada

Studying abroad is your dream, and the crippling costs are the obstacles standing in your way. However, the tuition fees and accommodation in New Zealand are pretty reasonable compared to major countries like the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia. 

So go ahead and enjoy the perks of a British standard of education without worrying about the deterring costs.

Part-Time Jobs while Studying and Full-Time During Breaks


If the costs of studying in New Zealand still sound unbearable to you and you nevertheless require a backup plan, then here is one. International students in NZ can take up part-time jobs during their studies to overcome any financial constraints. You can also switch to full-time work during breaks and save up for the next semester.

This will surely lift the financial burden from your shoulders to a great extent.

Great Post Grad Opportunities with a Chance to Quickly become a Permanent Resident (Study in New Zealand)

Perhaps the best part of pursuing your studies in this country is the excellent opportunity to become a permanent resident. NZ is a very welcoming land. The people here do the best they can to give you warm hospitality. 

You have the option to stay and work in the country for a year after you finish your studies. If the job undertaken is relevant to your area of study, you can even stay longer and ultimately apply for permanent residency. Wouldn’t that be great?

Welcoming People, Landscapes, and Weather

A conducive learning environment acts as a catalyst for your academic success. New Zealand is the friendliest nation in the world. The color of your skin, the language you speak, and the clothes you wear will never ear you a glare there. As a bonus, you also get to experience great weather and stunning landscapes. To relish these benefits, pack your bags and get ready to study in New Zealand.