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Study in Polans 2023
Study in Polans 2023

Study in Poland

Study in Poland

Study in Poland: Each year, thousands of Pakistani students aspire to study abroad one day, get a well-accredited degree, find a well-paying job and enjoy the ride of life to the fullest. However, each year these dreams are smashed either due to financial constraints, difficulty securing admission into a foreign university, inability to understand the visa process,  or simply due to misguidance from the wrong people. 

However, the battle is not entirely lost, as C&W consultants are here to answer all your questions regarding studying abroad. Whether the lack of knowledge makes you hesitant or the complexity of the procedures disturbs you, you are just a call away from relieving the burden off your shoulders.


Despite trying your level best, those of you who cannot afford to study in the US or the UK, did you know that you can enjoy the perks of both these systems without costing you an arm and a leg? Well, surprise! Why don’t you study in Poland instead? 


The decision to study in Poland will provide you with numerous advantages, but before we go through them, let’s make a list of criteria that a student should consider while selecting a study destination.


Which is the ideal location to pursue studies?

The characteristics that make a destination ideal for any Pakistani student include the following:


  • Affordable tuition fee
  • Reliable accommodation options and reasonable prices
  • Availability of scholarships
  • Ease of admission into a university
  • Highly accredited universities and courses
  • A wider range of colleges and courses to choose from
  • High tolerance level and support for international students
  • Opportunities for career growth within the country and outside
  • Political stability and low crime rates
  • Inexpensive entertainment

Now, sit back, and place ticks on the list as we convey facts and figures to demonstrate the benefits you shall enjoy while studying in Poland.

Why Study in Poland?


Bestowed with the most convenient geographical location any country could wish for, Poland is placed in a place that gives it access to most of Europe. You may call it the European centre. Aside from making it easier to travel throughout Europe, studying in Poland provides the following perks and privileges.

High-Quality Education and a Wider Choice 

Pakistani students have a wide misconception that world-class education is only available in the USA, UK, Canada, or Australia. Contrarily, countries like Poland and New Zealand are also catching up, and that too at an extremely affordable price as discussed in the sections that follow. 


The origin of some renowned Polish education institutions dates back to the 14th century. And until today, these institutions unwaveringly carry forward their legacies.


You have about 500 universities to choose from, and 16 of them appear on the QS World University Rankings, while 25 universities are amazingly included in the QS EECA University Rankings.  Surprisingly, Warsaw University beats the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is ranked first in the Top Coder international IT Rankings


Moreover, there will be no restrictions on the type of courses. The universities in Poland compete to secure a higher number of students by offering a wide range of courses in IT, medicine, engineering, arts, humanities, business studies, accounting, and finance.


The universities regularly undergo various checks and balances to maintain the high European standards of education. Here is a bonus! Some Polish universities are accredited by the US, so if you can’t go to America, get the same level of education by choosing to study in Poland. 


Highly Affordable Fee Structure Study in Poland

As discussed day after day on our website, the shatterer of every Pakistani student’s dream is money. But as compared to Western Europe and the US, Poland’s tuition fee is quite reasonable. The tuition fee ranges from 4000Euros to 7000Euros per year, far less than those in America, Australia, or Canada. This advantage, combined with even more reasonable living costs and an easy gateway into the universities, as discussed in the following sections, makes Poland an ideal study destination.

No Entrant Exam

Well, this perk may cause many of you to jump up and down in excitement. You might not have believed your eyes when reading through the subheading. Hold your breath as I repeat. Some universities in Poland DO NOT require you to sit for any entrance exams. Yay! You don’t even have to pass IELTS to demonstrate your English proficiency. A simple certificate from your previous institution stating that you are proficient in the English language is sufficient.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to sit for IELTS, our Educational Experts can help with it also. 


Reasonable Accommodation and Leisure Costs

Apart from the high level of education at such an incredible price, Poland also boasts remarkably suitable accommodation and other living costs.

Poland is a politically growing nation that wishes to encourage student and investor immigration. To accomplish this goal, the country keeps its cost of living lower than the rest of Western Europe. Here are a few rough estimates:

  • Monthly food costs may be range between 70 euros to 90 euros
  • Monthly dormitory expenses range from 70 to 100 euros
  •  A shared apartment costs maybe 120 to 150 euros
  • If you choose to dine in the cafeteria, it will only cost you 2 euros per meal
  • A cinema ticket will cost you just 2.50 euros

Availability of Scholarships to Pakistani Students

Are you still bothered about the costs of studying in Poland? Then there is another good news. You have uncountable scholarships to apply for. Various government bodies, universities, and private organizations offer scholarships to encourage international students. Would you please get in contact with one of our consultants to know how you can avail them?

Special care for International Students

The most challenging aspect of studying abroad is adjusting to the country’s new ways, culture, and atmosphere. The great thing is, while you study in Poland as an international student, additional support and mentoring programs by various senior student networks will be readily available to help you get acquainted with the place and the people. So worry not because a warm welcome awaits you!

Wonderful Career Opportunities Study in Poland

As noted earlier, Poland has a beautiful geographical location that gives you access to most European countries. So after the successful completion of your degree, if you do not wish to pursue a career in Poland itself, you may relocate to any other European country. The degrees are internationally recognized and retain the high European standards which potential employers seek in a candidate.

Low Crime Rates

Still not convinced why you should study in Poland? Here is another great advantage. In comparison to other European countries and the United States, Poland has an extremely low crime rate. So you may study in peace in a secure environment.

How to Study in Poland?

For better advice on securing admission into a Polish university, the requirements, the visa process, and any other details, please contact one of our friendly consultants at +92 51 5172033.


According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) program, pupils in Poland do better academically than students in most other OECD nations. This is a bonus stat for you!