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Study in the USA 2023
Study in the USA 2023

Study in USA from Pakistan - Step by Step Guide

Study in USA from Pakistan – Step-by-Step Guide

Every young Pakistani student’s desire is to one day study in the country they only see or hear about on television or in movies. When we hear the word “America,” visions of the Statue of Liberty and a lavish lifestyle flash through our minds. However, only a few people can experience this extravagance first-hand.

Many students suffer at the hands of con artists, throwing millions of rupees away mistakenly and unnecessarily. These individuals promise customers a rapid visa application and then disappear with their money. Other students, on the other hand, are overwhelmed by the entire procedure and relinquish their ambition.

C&W Resources‘ skilled experts can help you avoid falling prey to these scammers or having your aspirations crushed owing to the perplexing process. To begin, we present this step-by-step guide on how to study in the United States as a Pakistani. Around 12 thousand Pakistanis are currently studying in the USA so never rule it out!

As a first step, you need to know what exactly your plan is. 


What do Pakistani students need to be on the prowl for when choosing a study destination?


It is neither convenient nor advisable to simply pack your bags and fly to the USA without any proper planning, even if you can afford it. Take one step at a time and plan the procedure. First of all, consider what exactly your aim is and which factors will affect it. Do you prefer studying in the most expensive university, or a moderately priced and ranked institute will be fine? Does an on-campus accommodation suit you? Would you prefer a separate unit? 

Here are a few factors to brainstorm on before choosing an American university:

  • The cost and type of the course you wish to pursue
  • The cost of the university
  • The cost of accommodation and its nearness to the educational institute
  • The political stability and tolerance level of the country
  • Ease of visa application process
  • Career and growth opportunities in the country

Now let us explore the golden opportunities and benefits you shall enjoy while you study in the USA.

Why study in the USA?

It is America we are talking about, for heaven’s sake. The prestigious name itself is enough for most people: nevertheless, we shall provide you with factual and statistics-based reasons why you should study in the USA.


Top universities in the world

Many Pakistani students will not be surprised to find that the United States boasts the highest-ranking universities in the world. America has 150 elite universities, according to the QS World University Rankings. In truth, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is the world’s top-ranked university, and it is located in the United States. As a result, world-class education is unassailable in the country, and a degree from the United States will make your prospective employer’s eyes protrude. What more could one want?


Government and private scholarships

A choice to study in the USA seems bank-breaking, and many Pakistanis give up on the thought. But are you aware that various fully and partially funded scholarships are available at your disposal? The numerous student exchange programs between America and Pakistan open the doors to wonderful scholarships and grants. They include;

  • Gate Millennium Scholarship
  • Fulbright Scholarship
  • East Tennessee State University International Students 

To obtain these, you must either achieve excellent grades or be accepted into a full-time course at the applicable institute.


Availability of part-time jobs

If the recurring costs of staying in the US are still unbearable to you, we have some excellent news. While you study in the USA, you will be allowed to work 20 hours per week, and you may switch to full-time work during breaks. This will certainly relieve you of financial stress.

If the costs still bother you, try Studying in New Zealand as an alternative. 


Politically strong country

America is a superpower! Their influential political, commercial, and militaristic positions are alluring. As you’ll see in the next point, settling down in such a prosperous nation will be an adventure as well as financially lucrative.


Great career opportunities

Excellent job prospects will knock on your door once you have completed your degree. The US is home to the headquarters of renowned companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Alphabet Inc, Facebook, Johnson and Jonson, Intel, IBM, HP Inc, and many more! After your successful hiring in any of these, a bright future is a guarantee. 


How to apply to study in the USA?

The application and admission process to any university in the USA will not be complicated if simple steps are followed.

  • Firstly, do not panic.
  • Contact several institutions to get application forms to increase your chances of acceptance.
  • You might be asked to write an essay to accompany your application.
  • Send your filled form with the applicable fee.
  • Take any relevant test such as TOEFL, SAT, ACT, or IELTS
  • For the preparation of IELTS,  C&W Education Team will be a convenient and affordable option.  
  • Choose your preferred college after the receipt of acceptance letters and pay the deposit.
  • Apply for a student visa.
  • Pack your bags!

Visa process to study in the USA 

Pakistani students often fret when they hear about the application process for a student visa, but it is not as frightening as you think. Follow these steps to get started:

  • After securing a place at any American university, you will receive an I-20 Form. Keep it with you throughout the visa procedure.
  • Pay the SEVIS fee.
  • Fill out your information on the DS-160 form online.
  • Pay the visa fee.
  • Schedule an interview date.
  • Prepare for the interview through C&W Consultancy Service 
  • Remember to take the relevant documents with you on the date of the interview.

Conclusion After reading this guide, you’re probably feeling more confident about your decision to study in the USA

now. If you follow the guide step-by-step, you’ll be successful. Please contact one of our highly qualified consultants at +92 51 5172033 if you have any questions or concerns.