Canadian Scholarships for Pakistani Students: Opportunities & Applications

Canada scholarship for Pakistani students

Getting into your dream university is a major accomplishment, but landing a scholarship to study there is even more significant. It’s a testament to your dedication paying off and your dreams becoming a reality. As you embark on your journey towards higher education, understanding the benefits of scholarships is crucial. Think of scholarships as incredibly useful presents that make attending university much more manageable. They cover your education expenses, allowing you to concentrate on learning without stressing too much about finances. Additionally, scholarships provide students from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to excel and showcase their ideas on a global platform.

In this blog, we’ve put together some really great Canadian scholarships just for students from Pakistan. These scholarships can help you get into top universities in Canada and have amazing experiences. Don’t miss out on this chance to make your dream of studying in Canada a reality!

Scholarships For Pakistani Students In Canada 2024

Canadian scholarships are offered to Pakistani students across a wide range of subjects and fields, providing opportunities for those from underdeveloped or developing countries like Pakistan. Canada extends these scholarships to benefit students from around the globe, recognizing its position as a top destination for international students. However, the high cost of living, including tuition fees, can sometimes exceed a student’s financial means, creating a barrier to their educational aspirations. In response, universities have established scholarships specifically designed to support students from less privileged backgrounds. These scholarships aim to bridge the gap and empower Pakistani students with diverse economic backgrounds to pursue their dreams of studying in Canada.

Benefits of Studying In Canada

There are numerous advantages for Pakistani students studying in Canada, with a wide array of courses to choose from being the foremost. Here are some compelling reasons to pursue studies in Canada, highlighting the benefits:

Top Universities

Canadian universities are globally recognized for their excellence, often ranked highly by QS. This reputation attracts students from all over the world, with many of these institutions offering scholarships to international students.

Work Opportunities

Beyond academic pursuits, studying in Canada opens up doors to better job prospects both during and after studies. Many universities in Canada offer internships and part-time work opportunities, enabling students to manage their expenses and gain valuable experiences while studying.


Studying in Canada is comparatively affordable, especially with access to numerous scholarships. With low living costs and the option to work part-time, students can comfortably live, study, and work in Canada without financial worries.

Canadian Universities That Offer Scholarships To Pakistani Students

Let’s explore the top Canadian universities that offer financial aid or scholarships to Pakistani students studying in Canada. Nearly all universities across the country provide some form of scholarship or financial support to deserving students. We have compiled a list of the best Canadian universities that extend scholarships specifically for Pakistani students. The availability of these scholarships depends on the individual universities, their merit-based criteria, and specific eligibility requirements.

The following are some private and public universities: 

  1. The University of British Columbia
  2. Dalhousie University
  3. Simon Fraser University
  4. The University of Guelph
  5. Thompson Rivers University
  6. The University of Toronto
  7. The University of Waterloo
  8. The University of Alberta
  9. The University of Saskatchewan
  10. The York University 

Types of Scholarships For Pakistani Students

Scholarships are available at leading Canadian public and private universities for students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and PhD degrees across a range of fields. While some universities provide scholarships tailored to specific fields and levels of study, such as computer science, medicine, engineering, business administration, media, and journalism, not all institutions offer scholarships in every field. Below are the three educational program levels for which Canada provides scholarships:

Scholarships For Bachelor’s Students

Top Canadian universities offer outstanding undergraduate scholarship opportunities for students from Pakistan. Here are some of the Canadian undergraduate scholarships available for Pakistani students:

  1. WeAreAllCS Women in Technology Entrance Scholarship.
  2. University of Guelph Parrish and Heimbecker Scholarships
  3. Dalhousie University A.S. Mowat Prize
  4. The University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship
  5. Humber International Entrance Scholarship

Scholarships For Master’s Students

Master’s scholarships at leading Canadian universities present a valuable chance for Pakistani students to realize their aspirations. Here are the most recent Master’s scholarships available in Canada for students from Pakistan:

  1. Responsible Business & Community Spirit Scholarship
  2. International Admission Scholarship – University Of Alberta
  3. Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  4. The University of Calgary Graduate Awards
  5. Trudeau Foundation Scholarships

Scholarships For Ph.D. Students

Canada extends a warm invitation to Pakistani students, as well as other international students, to seek doctoral-level scholarships at prestigious Canadian universities. These scholarships are primarily aimed at educators and researchers. Here are some of the renowned scholarships for doctoral studies in Canada that are available to Pakistani students:

  1. International Admission Scholarship – University Of Alberta
  2. Responsible Business & Community Spirit Scholarship
  3. The Lester B. Pearson PhD Scholarships University Of Toronto
  4. Neporany PhD Scholarship – University of British Columbia

Canada also provides partial or fully funded scholarships to Pakistani students based on the university, merit, and eligibility criteria.

Documents Needed For Applying For Canadian Scholarships

To fulfil the criteria set by Canadian institutions offering scholarships to Pakistani students, you need to have certain documents on hand for your application. These documents essentially provide the university with essential information about the applicants. The following are the required documents: 

  1. Letter of Acceptance
  2. English Proficiency Test
  3. Study Permit
  4. Academic Record
  5. Personal Statement
  6. Previous Research/Work Experience (Master’s & PhD Programs)


Canadian scholarships for Pakistani academic excellence present a remarkable opportunity for deserving students to pursue their educational aspirations in a globally renowned academic environment. These scholarships not only recognize and reward academic merit but also foster cultural exchange and international collaboration. By providing financial support and access to world-class education, Canada continues to demonstrate its commitment to promoting diversity, innovation, and excellence in higher education. Pakistani students aspiring for academic success can leverage these scholarships to unlock their full potential and contribute positively to their communities and the world at large.