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CNW Resources Offers services for you in Visa Processing, Free Career Counselling, Admission Guidance, IELTS Preparation, Student Visa and Free Study Advice.

C&W education consultant services is a group of dedicated, trained and skilled counselors working together to assist you in extracting your passion and guiding you through to the best possible education routes and connecting its students with top-notch educational institutes around the globe. Our advisors are also well-versed in providing documentation and visa guidance to our customers according to their respective requirements.

As stated before deciding a career for yourself and assessing the factors affecting your career development is itself quite an exasperating task. More importantly, when the student is unable to identify their interests and are just studying what is being taught to them without gauging their skill sets and what actually interests them.

At cnw resources, we provide you an excellent opportunity to interact with our highly qualified and considerate career and education consultants. Thus, Feel free to discuss your doubts, study and career related issues, your ideas and thoughts with our counselors and we assure you to provide the best possible solutions and guidance for your issues. CNW Resources will not only help you to consider factors affecting your career development, but will also assist you to probe in your interests and pave your way to a successful career.


This topic can very well be considered as one of the key and most vital amongst all.  It is no doubt one of the most difficult and daunting selections of one’s life. When you visit a universities profile, you are flooded with thousands of majors and courses related to your field and extracting the one course that suits you can be a very distressing task. It can be even worse when you are unsure which one to select out of the couple of courses that seem to favor you.

At cnw resources the experienced group of counselors will assist you in finding the course of your choice and give you a crystal clear idea based on tedious research as well as on the availability of courses offered with single or dual majors. Co-op programs and degrees with paid and un-paid internships both at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.


Many individuals wish to continue their studies abroad, interact with the world and expand their thinking, but unfortunately, majority of them are unable to pursue their fantasies due to financial restraints. Our foreign education consultants have a solution to all your problems. As cnw education consultant services will assist you in finding merit-based scholarships so that despite shortage of capital you have an opportunity to prove yourself on international grounds.


All forms and required documents are filled online or may be paper based. In addition, The handling of the important data is quite a hassle especially when the applicant applies to multiple universities around the globe.

Hence, Our experienced staff members strictly follow up with the documentation work and keep you well aware about the progress of your application so that you do not have to face any inconvenience.


One of the steps in moving abroad that students are most worried about is the visa interview. It is no doubt a significant and vital step, but there is nothing to worry about for as our foreign education consultant services at cnw resources will make the process uncomplicated and easy for you through a series of intensive visa preparation guide wherever needed.

Furthermore, our team of visa experts will supervise you to fill all visa forms according to the requirements and assist you in arranging the required document for visa applications.


Arrangement of housing can be considered the most important move after receiving of admission letter. CNW resources will help you in finding an accommodation on and off campus. Public universities provide housing to international students on first come basis for which an application has to be submitted before the deadline.

The students need not worry about this if they follow the instructions told by our counselors as in such cases it is the responsibility of index to provide an accommodation that is on campus or within close reach to your university, as per your requirement.


Once all the processes are completed and its time from you to embark on your journey, resources consultant services will not leave you alone.

Our staff members will provide a comprehensive explanation of what steps to follow once you arrive at your destination. We will also guide you to register yourself at the immigration office or with any local medical body etc and also how to open a bank account so that your life remains hassle free on arrival.