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How To Get A Visa To Study Abroad?

How To Get A Visa To Study Abroad?

Study Abroad An Opportunity To The Future

No wonder Studying abroad is a dazzling opportunity that may brighten your career and helps you to excel in future professional pursuits. We observe that people educated abroad at some foreign university are always considered eye-catchers in the corporate world. They attain such importance due to their enhanced qualifications and profound knowledge base acquired from world-recognized universities. The professional dividends and respect associated with such foreign-educated experts are immense. They quickly get lucrative jobs and supplement the nation-building process due to their high-end education attributes.


How Can I Study Abroad?

You have to streamline specific details. The spark that lights up the blaze will start from pondering around the questions: Are you ready to burn the midnight oil to qualify for the tests? Bear initial expenses!! You have two prominent options at hand: Either opt for a cost-effective scholarship or spend some personal coppers on self-finance. We shall discuss this at a later point. Now we shall discuss some standard aspects, primarily the admissions and visa process. You would need to follow specific procedural steps irrespective of the educational option adopted to seek visa approval. These steps include selecting the degree program you intend to pursue, applying for admission at the university, documentation & testing procedures for access at universities, fulfilling requisites for language proficiency tests, etc. You would indeed receive the university’s admission notice sequel to complete admission formalities in the above-mentioned steps. That notice holds the secret key to opening the doors of success in your life. It is your reference letter for visa approval and subsequent study abroad. The notice will enable you to pursue the next step for the acquisition of a visa. A visa is pretty important for your study abroad. You will realize it in a subsequent section. It’s often a prolonged and painstakingly long process. However, you should not worry. We shall guide you appropriately and equip you with the required knowledge to pass through all stages of visa acquisition in a hassle-free manner.

Why Do I Need A Visa To Study Abroad?

Visa is a permission document that proves that the host country has agreed to grant access to the applicant and possesses no reservation against the individual’s stay in their country for a specified period. Visa is granted once all documentary and legal formalities are completed at the embassy. It would help if you kept in mind that you cannot proceed abroad without a valid visa, irrespective of admission notice and academic excellence. Visa is the most crucial document for foreign travel. Let’s see hows it is acquired.

Extraction of essential information from the Website

As we know now, to study abroad, a visa is one of the obligatory necessities to enter the host country. Each university has a specific procedure to assist the applicant in acquiring a ticket depending upon the country’s educational policies. The first step while applying for a visa will be to extract the primary details from the website of the concerned university. As already mentioned, the criteria to attain access are different for different countries. So if you are interested in pursuing your higher education in UK, USA, Italy, France, Germany, Canada, or China, the policies and procedures will vary for all the countries. Some of the links mentioned below will give you the insight to understand the criteria of websites in various countries and their visa requirements.

Bonafide Admission Letter from University

It would help if you inquired from the university about their requirements and demands regarding the study visa. The university will connect you to their websites by providing mandatory details and related links to study in detail. Speaking in general, an admission letter or acceptance letter from the university is sufficient enough. This letter will work as evidence from the university that you met their criteria and are willing to grant you admission to study at their university. This letter (document) will highlight all the essential details, which will be a stamp of authentication. The details elaborate on the university you are taking admitted to, their acceptance statement about the admission, the program you are applying for, the tenure of your stay in their country, and certain additional details based on the university. All these details are very significant to move to the embassy. Keep in mind some universities may require you to undergo some tests and accomplish certain target scores; others may require some fees etc.

Type of visa

Visa is of various types but serves a common purpose. For instance, you need a visa for travelling and vacations to other countries. Likewise, if you need to work abroad, you must apply for a work permit visa.  For education, most of the time student visa is required to study overseas.  Moving towards the student visa application, you need to have the documents mentioned in the previous section.

Documents required

These documents must be with you before visiting the embassy.

  • Photographs
  • Application forms downloaded from the embassy website
  • Passport
  • Admission letter from the concerned university
  • NOC from your country’s Education department/External Affairs Office/Health Office

Embassy Visit

After doing the above homework now, it’s time to visit the embassy of the concerned country you are applying to. You have to make two visits. During your first visit, you will have to submit all your required documents to the concerned person through a proper channel. You will be asked to pay a second visit after a certain period for the interview. During this time, the documents will be verified and tested by both countries from the embassy side. If all your details are without any fault or suspicion, then you successfully fall on their criteria. They will agree to permit you to enter their country for a specific period. Although the procedure appears to be a little longer, luckily, it’s not.  Credit goes to technological advancements; you will accomplish the maximal tasks by sitting in front of your laptop screen. Your physical presence will be required only for the interview and to arrange a few documents.

Key To The Future

Your visa will indeed act as the key to the future. However, it would help if you were wise and thoughtful. Use the key wisely for education and personal development. Keep in mind that you need to contribute something back to the nation. Hence, learn and enjoy. Come back and contribute as well.