Questions to Ask a Study Abroad Consultant Before Choosing Them


Questions to Ask a Study Abroad Consultant Before Choosing Them

With the world becoming a global village, students are now able to take advantage of studying abroad in their desired countries, which are often home to top-notch educational institutions. To achieve this, students often rely on education consultants who provide guidance and support to help them gain admission to these institutions. However, with so many education consultants available in the market, choosing the right one can be challenging. It is, therefore, essential to ask some key questions to determine their credibility, ability, and experience before making a decision. In this article, we will discuss five questions to ask a study abroad consultant to ensure you do not waste your time and money.

1. What is your experience in helping students study abroad?

Experience is a crucial factor in every field, and it’s essential to consider it before selecting an education consultant to save your time and money. To gauge their level of experience, you should inquire about the students they have helped to get admission to foreign universities. Additionally, you should also ask about the study programs in which they have enrolled their clients. Visiting a few institutions and comparing their experience in processing cases can help you select the most suitable consultant for your needs.

2. How do you match students with study abroad programs?

When helping students apply for study programs abroad, some consultants may try to fit them into any available schedule, regardless of their suitability. It’s essential to be cautious and ask questions to determine how the programs match your needs. A trustworthy consultant with expertise will provide guidance that prioritizes your education over your financial gain. If the consultant can satisfactorily explain their process for matching students with study abroad programs, then you have found the right consultant to help guide you on your journey towards achieving your academic goals.

3. Can you provide references from previous clients?

The best way to choose an education consultant is by seeking references from past clients. However, many consultants refrain from disclosing such information due to privacy and security concerns. Nevertheless, they may have a few students who are willing to provide their contact details for future clients with their consent. By providing previous references, education consultants can help facilitate a smooth and hassle-free experience for prospective students planning to study abroad. Let the journey begin!


Education is a crucial gateway to the progress of humanity and a foundation for building a great civilization. The quality of education is largely dependent on the institutions providing it. Hence, many students aspire to study in institutions abroad to contribute towards the development of their nations. To achieve their goals, they seek guidance from education consultants who are proficient in this field. To ensure that you save time and money, it is vital to approach genuine education consultants. You can evaluate their credibility by asking the questions listed above. Based on their responses, you can decide whether to avail of their services or not. Best of luck!