Why Study in the UK?


Why Study in the UK?

The United Kingdom – just voicing out the place’s name- floods the mind with appealing images of beautiful palaces, castles, towers, music festivals, lively lifestyles, and plentiful rainfall. Apart from these, the UK offers a centuries-old reputable academic heritage and is the most popular destination amongst international students for higher education.

While completing your intermediate education, many of you aspire to study abroad but with so many countries to choose from, why should you study in the UK? After thorough research and fact-gathering, we’ve assembled a few eye-opening reasons why the UK should be the preferred location to not only further your studies but also excel in your chosen career path.

So without further ado, let’s explore why studying in the UK should be your slogan.

It has highly ranked and renowned universities globally.

The UK holds the reputation of offering world-class education, and a degree from the country on one’s CV catches every employer’s attention. It is not very difficult to understand why so, because renowned names like Cambridge and Oxford possess a history dating back to around 800 years. 

The UK has unfalteringly sustained its prominence as a country of academia in the modern era. In 2021, the Times Higher Education World Rankings acknowledged the University of Oxford as the top university globally while 7 out of the top 50 and 26 out of the top 200 educational institutions are located in the UK. The QS World University Rankings of 2020 also declare that 10 of the top 50 universities are found in the UK.

Do you still have any doubts about why you should study in the UK after these fantastic stats? Read on.

Unique Teaching Method with Government-Guaranteed Standards of Education

Are you thinking about how credible your degree is going to be outside the UK? Worry not, because every year, a list of ‘recognized bodies’ that can award degrees is published to help you choose the best university as per your needs. Moreover, around 162 educational institutions are held up to a strict standard by the government itself.

Authorities that keep a check on the quality of teaching at universities in the UK include QAA, TEF, and REF. This is more than enough to make an informed choice of where to study in the UK.

Another amazing thing about the UK’s excellent academic standard is the innovative teaching and learning techniques utilized across the country. You will not just be spoon-fed the information – rather, the universities will offer you a combination of regular lectures with a nudge to do things on your own. You will be motivated to solve real-life problems related to your future careers and encouraged to think independently. So, upon entering your workplace, you would already have a clear idea of the hows and the dos. 

Be sure that studying in the UK will provide you with a golden opportunity to learn from the experts in your sphere of interest because most lecturers are industry leaders as well.

Less Time to Complete a Degree and Abroad Choice

(Study in the UK)

In most countries, including the USA, an undergraduate degree takes about four years to complete, while a master’s degree will then require another two tortuous years. The good news is that if you study full-time in the UK, an undergraduate degree (apart from medical) can be acquired in three years, and you will accomplish your master’s degree in just a year after that. 

You are not just saving two years but also the associated tuition fee, accommodation, and other living costs. 

Moreover, there is an ocean of options available at your disposal. Around 395 educational institutions offer about 50,000 degrees in various disciplines, including arts, business, management, medical, science, and engineering. So rest assured that no matter which field of study you aspire to pursue, it is achievable in the country.

So studying in the UK does not only provide benefits and savings but also opens new opportunities to learn.

Great Opportunities, Work Placements, and Internships to Enhance your Skills

The universities in the UK are firmly addressing an issue that most universities have turned a deaf ear to – the gap between the skills of an entrant and those required by the employer. 

To enhance your skills and understand the real-life application of the theory in the textbooks, UK universities will offer you amazing internships, work placements, and much more as part of your study program. The institutions have established firm links with every industry that will open new doors of advancement and self-fulfilment before you even complete your studies.

It won’t be hard to understand why UK degree holders are the most employable, earning more, and progressing quicker than their fellows from other universities now. 

By the way, it is worth mentioning that now you can apply to stay in the UK for a further two years after the completion of your degree to seek employment opportunities and attain financial stability. 

This is the foremost reason why studying in the UK is an ideal option for you.

Financial Benefits for International Students and Reasonable Living Costs

It would be hard to believe that the reasons mentioned above are not sufficient to convince anyone why they should study in the UK, and if so, let us explore another benefit of studying in the UK.

Is affordability your main concern? Then you will be ecstatic to learn that once you have secured admission into any university, you can get assistance in the form of various grants, bursaries, and scholarships to ease the financial burden on you. Almost every university in the UK offers such bursaries.

Additionally, the UK’s living costs are pretty reasonable compared to those in other countries, especially the USA. The UK universities also offer on-campus accommodation and facilities to international students hence cutting out the need to look for a place to stay. On the other hand, if you do not enjoy residing at the campus, then research the areas before applying to a university to find accommodation as per your budget. It is worth knowing that places outside of cities are fairly priced.

Welcoming and Multicultural Environment Study in the UK

Perhaps the most important thing that matters when choosing a place to study is the cordiality of the environment and the people. An intolerant and unwelcoming environment can highly affect the learning process and may even deteriorate it significantly. 

This is the final reason why studying in the UK is a good idea. The people there are pretty tolerant as the country has diverse and multicultural communities. You are most likely to find a person from every country on Earth right within your campus. 

Feeling out of place will never be a reason to bother while you study in the UK.

Did you know that every one in four world leaders has studied in the UK?  The above-mentioned facts, figures, and reasons have undoubtedly cleared your doubts about why you should study in the UK. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us, pack your bags, and get ready to study in the beautiful UK.